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After 67 years of playing the field in good ol’ Riverdale USA, Archie finally made his choice: that raven-haired vixen Veronica Lodge. Yup…he’s asked her to marry him.

It's always been a little too crowded at Pop Tate's

It's always been a little too crowded at Pop's Soda Shoppe

Are you surprised? (more…)


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I celebrated the return of neck function by getting busy in my garden with my husband and daughter yesterday.  Other than the “champagne problem” of getting sunblock in the eyes, it was a painless, productive and rewarding day. And fun!

This morning as I enjoyed my coffee on the back deck and reveled in the rewards of several jobs done well, I realized why it was so satisfying to me. Pretty much every task spoke to my values. (more…)

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After an amazingly powerful and invigorating final CTI coach training session over the weekend, I came home on Sunday night, collapsed on my couch with an exquisite glass of champagne proffered by my championing husband. We toasted the end of my in-class training and the new chapter of my life as a Life Coach. It was very very lovely to sink into it all.

And then, the pain crept into my shoulder. (more…)

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Jumping the shark

It really didn’t take that long. Five short years in fact. Well, maybe more like two. When our daughter turned three, she started to get the notion of “cool”. And we were IT. (more…)

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The ellipses in the above question aren’t stylistic. They are intended to allow you to fill in the rest. What do you want…now? What do you want…to do? What do you want…to get over? What do you want…in life?

Oooh…such fun! (more…)

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For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been having drainage problems. Not the kind caused by rogue tree roots under your basement floor (we’ve experienced that particular brand of annoyance), but rather the kind that makes your sinks drain really slowly. The kind you don’t really understand but hope it just sorts itself out. Throw a bottle of toxic drain cleaner in there and hold your breath. (more…)

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I just spent a lovely weekend with my family in Montreal. We did a house swap with a friend who stayed at our humble abode in Toronto and it all worked out very well indeed. Before you dismiss this posting as a “here’s what I had for lunch” blog, hear me out.

This here sign got us the honking of a lifetime.

You see…perhaps it’s a cultural thing…perhaps it’s an idiot thing. We thought the friendly green circle in the sign indicated that MTQ suggested that we would PREFER to go straight or right…we did not think that we really really really weren’t supposed to go left. (more…)

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