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Confessions of my sins

Late breaking news from the Vatican…of the seven traditional deadly sins (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth), the top three for men are: lust, gluttony and sloth whereas for women it’s pride, envy and anger. [Insert audible gasp here].

This is classic show-down between George Costanza vs. Snow White’s Evil Stepmother (aren’t all stepmothers evil in Disney movies…and what’s that all about?) I’ll leave speculations about the male psyche to the side (though I do still giggle when I think about George trying to combine sex with a smoked meat sandwich), but will address these top sins of women. I HATE to admit that these ring true for me. I spend vast sums of money at cosmetics counters searching for that elusive smokey eye, disdain Gwyneth Paltrow’s willowiness and am quick to be angry if my server goes down or I’m cut off in traffic.

So there it is…in black and white. So what can I do…because I do like to challenge myself when confronted with my own shallowness? I will read Gwyneth‘s website without judgment (just because she’s insanely beautiful doesn’t diminish her intention to spread a little of that beauty around), stop making up new ways to curse at my computer (and yes, other drivers) and maybe even appreciate my non-smokey eyes and the network of smile lines that emanate from them.


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