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What a fabulous word…it’s succulent, sexy and yet somehow soulful. Yes, I am a sucker for alliterations, but I do love this word and its ambiguities. You can’t utter it without inferring “yes” and yet, the inherent question is “what do you need to say yes to in order to succeed?”. Early morning musings after a late night, to be sure…but I do wonder…what is success to you? To some, it may be all about the benjamins. For others, a spiritual renaissance.

While I am still blissfully defining and refining my own version of truth about success, I do know that by all accounts, last night’s Coach Buffet in Montreal was indeed a success. How do I know? I saw it in the faces of the clients and coaches, felt the energy in my scalp and toes, and read the glowing feedback forms from everyone involved.

There is no one secret to success (just google that and you’ll see that there are ostensibly 106,000,000 secrets). But for Coach Buffet, there were 3 very good reasons…none of them a secret:

  • WHAT – It is an excellent idea. Props here to Lisa for conceiving of it…she asked me to partner early along and we coached each other to the place of making it happen, but success does indeed come from innovation. People are hungry to learn about coaching and Coach Buffet is the perfect place to sample different “flavours” of coaching styles. Lisa was right…as she often is.
  • HOW – We worked hard…this is a core value for both of us. We clocked several hundred hours executing the strategy. Period. And managed to keep it fun and are still the best of friends.
  • WHO – We needed two types of people to say “yes” to this event to make it a sucess and we are ever-so-grateful:
  • a) We promised high-calibre Montreal coaches and by George, we delivered high-calibre Montreal coaches.  Julie, Amanda, Martine, Marie-Claude, Michele, Roch, Anne, Ian, Minnie, Corry ,  Louis and Alain are some of the finest coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They helped promote the event and showed up last night with full intention of serving the participants’ needs. Their powerful coaching (even in short increments) absolutely blew the top off of the joint.
  • b) The participants who came out…a beautiful group of pioneers.  This had never been done before and yet they trusted the guiding force of their intuition that there was something for them in this evening. And resoundingly, it looks like they got what they came for. Bravo to the fearless and the brave early adopters!!!
  • So, I leave Montreal this morning, unabashedly basking in the glow of success for a job well done…and excited to refine for Toronto’s Coach Buffet on November 17th. We do hope you’ll come out, hungry for possibility and even, if you can imagine, just a little bit more.


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    Last week, I was contacted by a coaching colleague who was drumming up interest in a concert that she is putting together on October 13, 2009 in support of the Toronto Boys to Men program.  Julie likes to play “full out” and I believed her when she wrote about the performer that was headlining the concert: Scott Kalechstein. 437783422She wrote that she saw him in concert over ten years ago and described that experience as such:

    “The room was ALIVE, VIBRANT, In MOTION.  The LOVE. LIGHT and LAUGHTER was magical, healing, profound.”

    Sorry folks, but those are some of my trigger words (others are: yoga retreats, equality, kittens, Loire Valley, Lauren and Greg, popcorn and Donna Karan, but I digress). I had to speak to this man. Some due diligence first. A quick peek at his website revealed that he had performed for Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, John Canfield and many others. Now I REALLY had to speak to him. I tried to e-terview him, but he would have nothing of it. He wanted to talk to me. In fact, he wanted to SING to me.

    We chatted for a while about who he is and what he’s all about. He is a very funny comic, a laid-back Californian, an intuitive coach, a scarily talented song-writer and performer, and a fiercely proud father and husband. I asked the dopey question: “are [wife Venus and daughter Aysia] your happiness?” and was pretty pleased when he replied: “No, that’s called family. Happiness is an inside job”.

    And here’s what he’s about:

    I’m about looking fear in the face and saying “Excuse me but you lie. You’re not the truth”. And I do that in my own life and for others in my coaching, comedy and music. So I do that and I am that.

    What has been your most thrilling performance to date?

    It would have to be the first time that I did stand-up comedy because I was intimidated by that form of expression. I was going on the stage that Dana Carvey and Robin Williams had been on.  In fact, I opened for Robin Williams. I had so much fear and so afterwards, I was so proud of myself. I was high on that for days. This goes back to my commitment to not let the fear take over or be the truth about me.

    What is the most thrilling performance that you’ve YET to do?

    I imagine it’s about making songs in the moment…this is likely what’s most unique about me and what I’m able to create. I have a vision of being on Oprah and her saying “I’ve heard about you, do your thing” and there being tears. Lots of them…and joy.

    You have enjoyed a fair amount of success…other than sheer talent, what else can you attribute it to?

    I’ve been performing full-time for 20 years. I didn’t set out to do this, I just started writing songs. After college, I started to become fascinated by personal growth and while I was still just writing songs for myself, they became part of my expression. I had no real thoughts about sharing it with the world. That wasn’t the intention…the intention was on the personal growth. And given that that was my prime focus, the music was pure expression and therefore it was all just easy and flowed.

    The real work has been in TRUSTING enough to let it be easy.

    You’re a man of words AND actions. Whose words/actions do you admire?

    Barack Obama’s actions and words in a fear-based society is pretty inspiring. There’s a kind of superglue regarding the amount of people stuck to keep things the way they are. But he’s putting in a lot of energy to change that. It will take time to manifest his vision.

    Is there fear in creating the in-the-moment work?

    Sure…my ego says this may be tough, but luckily that’s only one voice in the choir…before it used to be the director of the choir.

    What is one word that governs all that you do?

    JUST ONE WORD? Naw…I need more!

    Okay, 5

    Peace, love, ease, power and joy.

    And out came the guitar. I was treated to the Scott Special: an in-the-moment creation centered around the words peace, love, ease, power and joy. It was magical to behold. This guy is seriously skillish and I was completely sold by song’s end. It was poignant, soulful, resonant and pure loveliness. I wish I had have recorded the call.

    I get why he would rather sing than be interviewed.

    What would you like the world to receive from you?

    I’d love to know that I’ve helped people to have fun, find joy, refuse to give in to fear and to see how easy life can really be. It can flowing down the river rather than furiously paddling upstream.

    I’d also like people to stop searching for the next thing. Make fun with right NOW your priority, because there will always be something else on the list.

    Have fun today…it may well be your last day.

    I am disappointed that I’ll miss the Toronto concert (I’ll be at Coach Buffet in Montreal) but if you are in Toronto on the 13th, you may want to check him out. It will be a unique experience…there will be laughter, love and motion…just like Julie experienced 10 years ago.

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    As long as I can remember, I’ve been experimenting with food. Some flops – I seem to recall an ill-fated melba toast in the toaster (yup, flames and all) and some winners for my grade-school palate (chocolate ice cream sprinkled with iced tea crystals; grapefruit stands with any topping you could think of; fresh fall apples with molasses). All of my experimenting was done with equally culino-curious friends.

    The joy was in the collaboration, the excitement of trying something new and the anticipation of the results.

    And so, I am thrilled to be in the kitchen (so to speak) yet again with my dear friend and colleague, Lisa Chandler. She conceived of the idea for an innovative coaching event and asked me to help tweak it. With a dash of this and a pinch of that, Coach Buffet was created…in the most delicious way (and with a delightful logo, thanks to Stephen Caissie).CB-logo-horizontal

    Coach Buffet is a fun, innovative event that was concocted to bring a dozen powerful life and business coaches together with participants for meaningful one-on-one coaching conversations in a social evening format.

    Sampling different types of coaching styles = buffet…get it?

    This event is perfect for professionals and business owners who feel stuck in some aspect of business, career or life in general and who are hungry for possibilities.

    Our first ever will be in Montreal on October 15th and will be followed up in Toronto on November 17th.

    For Montreal, our array of coaches is sumptuous (by mid September, you can read all their bios on the site) and our venue is exquisite. I can assure you that powerful coaching will take place and strong relationships will form. As we say at Coach Buffet:

    We are serving possibility….Are you hungry??

    Register now at www.coachbuffet.com. Spaces are limited!

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