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2% milk

The “2%” in reference to milk is a bit of a misnomer to me. It’s not really addressing 2% MILK…it’s addressing the 2% FAT in the milk. But we’re not considering that when we drink it…we’re simply intent on drinking the milk.

At a CTI training course this weekend, our skillful leaders Ken and Nina introduced us to the notion of 2%. Consider something you feel strongly about. A person you respect, an image you love, a flavour you detest. Here’s an example: I detest the flavour of fluoride treatment from when I was a kid (especially bubble gum flavour…oooh and the feeling of those horrid styrofoam trays that you had to clamp in your teeth). Got your own example clear in your mind? Envision it, feel it and hold it clear.

Now…consider the complete OPPOSITE. Yeah, I know…it feels weird because it’s completely untrue. I now LOVE the flavour of bubble gum fluoride treatment. So…get that clear in your mind. Own it, feel it, see it smell it…how wrong that statement is for you.

NOW…find the 2% of this perspective that IS true. WHAAAAA? Impossible…the flavour would make me gag. It would make my tears well up as I tried to not throw up. Think, think, think…how can there be any truth in the statement that I could love the flavour. Here are a couple of ways: I live in a country rich enough to make kids’ dental care a priority. I got to miss class because of this temporary discomfort. With this coating of goop, I am now invincible and can eat all the sugary crap I want (I was a kid, after all). Not so nauseated now.

There’s a nugget of truth in every perspective…it may just be 2%, but there’s still gold in them there hills.


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One of my favourite word is “embrace” (“peace” too..I wonder what it is about the “-ce” ending). It evokes so many lovely and comforting images for me: from the obvious – warm hugs – to the more personalized – soft cashmere pashminas and luxurious bubble baths.

On Wednesday night, I came home after facilitating an Advisory Board session as part of my Board of Your Life program. I was reflecting upon the fantastic energy that was shared by that group and was sort of at a loss as I tried to get my head around what it was “like”. Then I received my Daily Om entitled “The Energy of an Embrace”. I realized right then, as hokey as it sounds, that this is what the program delivers…an emotional and intellectual embrace.

Take this excerpt: “Because a hug requires two active participants, each individual taking part in the embrace experiences the pleasure of being embraced and the joy that comes from hugging someone. As both individuals wrap their arms around one another, their energy blends together, and they experience a tangible feeling of togetherness that lingers long after physical contact has been broken.”

My program works on the same premise…two parties engaged: client trusting in their hand-picked Board and receiving their energy, support and knowledge, and Advisory Board honouring that trust, imparting their perspectives and insight and sharing in this person’s self-identified and desirable shift. And I get to be the lucky witness to this communion of energy. Divine.

My Mom had a lot of opinions about hugs. If you were going to bother hugging, then it ought to be a good one. The flaccid pat-pat on the back? Unacceptable. My husband learned pretty quickly what kinds of hugs would pass the muster in the Geisler family. Same deal here. If your intention as an Advisory Board member is to provide a pat on the back, thank you, but no need to bother. Someone who has asked you to participate is boldly stepping in a new direction and needs a firm embrace…”we are here…we will help you see what you are…we support you…we believe in you…we want whatever is best for you”.

And off the client goes…courageously but safe in the knowledge that that togetherness will be there long after the contact has been broken.

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I have a tickle in my chest. It’s not nervous energy, nor a nagging feeling, nor love (though I have that in great abundance). Nope, this is good old fashioned phlegm.

No violins are necessary….I pride myself on not being one who’s life shuts down with a cold. The flipside is that I don’t get people who refuse to take a reprieve from work etc when they are TRULY sick. It makes me want to be aware of the slippery slope that is the walk from stoicism to martyrdom.

It’s a dance that I’m all too familiar with…the idea of getting caught up in “doing the right thing…at whatever cost”. At first, people look at you with admiration for your courage, tenacity, strength (fill in the blank). This phase is one that I’m quite addicted to. Then those adoring looks turn to head shaking. I could do without that. What I love about colds (I never thought I’d write those words), is that they keep you honest. I’ve been on an emotional high for the past little while with no signs of letting up. But my body is saying “if you don’t slow down, you’re going to get the head-shaking of a lifetime…in the form of mucous” (BTW, I have many voices in my head…infer what you will…I choose to call them “perspectives”). So…I look at this upcoming day from two perspectives: “Wonder Woman” who can do it all without breaking a sweat and “Bubby Tanya” who nurtures and coddles. Wonder Woman will have me honour 7 of my 9 commitments today (one to a friend, two to family, three to clients, one to my business advisor) while Bubby Tanya will make sure I have a big helping of homemade chicken soup, go to bed early and “rest rest”.

I’ve heard said that you’re either moving towards or away from balance…and I don’t have the formula figured out in a real and practical way…but listening to my body is a pretty decent start.

And now I’m back off to bed.

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