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I just spent a lovely weekend with my family in Montreal. We did a house swap with a friend who stayed at our humble abode in Toronto and it all worked out very well indeed. Before you dismiss this posting as a “here’s what I had for lunch” blog, hear me out.

This here sign got us the honking of a lifetime.

You see…perhaps it’s a cultural thing…perhaps it’s an idiot thing. We thought the friendly green circle in the sign indicated that MTQ suggested that we would PREFER to go straight or right…we did not think that we really really really weren’t supposed to go left. (more…)


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We’re out four bucks this week. Our daughter lost her two front bottom teeth and apparently a toonie per tooth is the going rate. I suppose baby teeth are a commodity.

We’re conflicted about her passing another milestone. On the one hand, we’re sad to see the end of the baby toothed-era, but we (including our daughter) are excited that she’s moving into the big-toothed era. That and the fact that she has the unique situation of her adult teeth already moving in behind the recently departed baby teeth. Quite simply, that mouth wasn’t big enough for the both of them sets of chompers. (more…)

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